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L.A. Twister is the smallest budget film to ever premiere at the world-famous Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood.


Lenny has an important meeting. Opening Credits.


Ethan moves in with Lenny. Lenny meets up with the
Casting Director.

L.A. Twister DVD

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Ethan can't get over Lynn.


Lenny and Ethan move into the hills. Lenny has his first shooting day.


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Lenny and Ethan have dinner with Cindy and Terry. And then some.


Lenny and Ethan get the money to make the movie, but will they?


Let the auditions begin.


Ethan tries to meet a girl at a grarage sale. Lenny tries to keep up with Mindy.

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Ethan gets his first plumbing job. Lenny and Mindy explore the essence of a love story.


Mindy gets physical with Lenny... and so does Ethan.

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Ethan gives a massage. Mindy picks a fight.


Lenny gets jiggy with a mime.


Lenny and Ethan try to lock down the money.


Lenny and Ethan schmooze their way to the top.


Ethan takes drastic action... Watch a new chapter every week!


For Ethan and Lenny it all comes down to this...Watch how it ends on the very limited but yet so special SCENE EDITION DVD and show your support of grassroots-underground-and-off-the-wall indie filmmaking.

L.A. TWISTER premiere

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posted on VCDQ.com (pirate website)


12-05- 11:04 PM

Well i finally got the time to check this movie out.

And must say this one is for sure in my
top 3 of this years movies (the year isn't over yet u know)

Watched it with a buddy of mine just now and we had great fun watching it.

I'll be buying the dvd for sure if when it gets released in the Netherlands




12-08- 02:50 PM

Well I watched it, and I loved it, the whole part about what he does because he lost his wife (dont want to spoil for amnyone who hadn't seen it yet) well it really hit home with me, you got it down to the T Sven, I say this because I in the past felt the same way about someone, and was seriously thinking about doing the same thing. Luckily we repaired the relationship. but back to the movie, I loved it. great storyline, I look forward to seeing more of your work.

oh, and i should add that normally I would hate a storyline like this, but this one is going into my favorites collection.



New Member

12-09-2004 12:13 AM

I Would like to say respect to sven on his opinions, shame most dont think like that.
I think people should be able to try b4 they buy? E.G if u go 2 buy a second hand car u dont just go yeah i will take it, with out a test run do u?

I think films/music should be the same. and if u like it and respect the artist/director then you support them by buying the film/music.

As for this form i bet this has given the film more free advertizing than any other film out there.
I have just heard about it and if it as good as everyone say's i guess i better watch it. (Not on for download anymore tho


Junior Member

12-20-2004 07:25 PM


Hey Sven,
when will it released in germany ? Hope to see it here, my english isnt very well so i dont understand all the dialogues! But i must admit, that this movie is the best for 2004, last time no ambitious movies were released. A little note to piracy, without the internet i would have never been the chance to see that GREAT movie ! Hope you answer me and i have to apologize me for my bad english ! Du sprichst ja auch deutsch aber das wäre unpassend in diesem Forum


regards Erik-K.


Mystic Slippers
12-31- 12:51 PM

L.A. Twister, Piracy and Sticking It To The Man by Mystic Slippers (Some schmuck from vcdquality.com).

Rather than make this like some autobiographical textual auto-fellatio, i'll just get to the point.

L.A. Twister is a truly groundbreaking movie.

For those that think it is not, look between the lines. L.A. Twister is a fantastic piece of moviemaking. Period. But that is not the issue at hand here. L.A. Twister is a groundbreaking movie in the sense it is solely responsible for bringing the glitz of Hollywood's trumped up fat studio execs closer to the dark cavernous underworld that is The Internet (or rather, the movie piracy scene).

Having championed independent cinema for many years, I look forward to the latest indie releases to see what the real moviemakers are putting out. Not what the next major studio with oodles of cash is throwing it's money towards. Whilst scouring my favourite places for the latest movie releases, I stumbled across an interesting little movie named L.A. Twister. Having casually checked out the trailer, I was left startled at how utterly excellent this movie proposed itself to be through the duration of the trailer. Thus, my anticipation to see this movie was building up hence forth.

Now, as someone who loves movies, I visit both my local theatre and download the latest releases to my computer. I believe in the old adage that if you like something that much, you'll pay for it. Be it a music CD, a movie or a pair of designer jeans. Whatever. In the case of L.A. Twister, the movie was distributed on such a small scale that I stood next to no chance of getting to see this movie. That is until a workprint copy appeared on the Internet.

Having seen the movie now and immensely enjoyed it, I wrote a review on the movie at a forum i regularly contribute to at www.vcdquality.com. Imagine my surprise when a forum member informed us that the director had seen the review and posted it on the official L.A. Twister website! Hark! An actual director had not only noticed the review, but had equally embraced the fact a pirate copy of his work had appeared online by posting on our forums!

It is this kind of enthusiasm for what good can come of piracy that has genuinely impressed me with Sven Pape, director of L.A. Twister. Not only has it impressed me, but it has proven what good has come from this by the barrage of enthusiastic responses from fellow 'downloaders' that have spawned from the initial review on the forum.

It leaves me thinking where all this could lead to in the future. As a community, i think i speak for a whole in saying we are all duly impressed with the reaction Mr. Pape has given to his work being illegaly distributed online, but also the enthusiasm with which he has approached it and his new found army of fans. I believe it proves wholeheartedly that some good can arise from movie piracy. It's just a shame that the MPAA and other bodies don't see it this way and treat what are basically the movie world's best customers as cretinous oiks out to destroy them.

In the wake of recent issues in today's modern world, I believe these 'people' (for want of a better word) would be better off spending the money they currently waste on fruitless court cases and ignorant ad campaigns on better projects. Consider investing more in independent filmaking. Failing that, try paying so called 'stars' a more reasonable amount of money rather than the ludicrous sums today's A-List currently demand.

In closing i would like to take this opportunity to thank all the groups past and present across all areas of 'the scene' for risking so much to bring us 'freeloaders' the wonderful product they do. For if it wasn't for you we would all be brainwashed by the money monster that is the corporate machine.

Enjoy the movie. Impeach George W. Bush. Free Tibet.

Mystic Slippers for www.vcdquality.com.


02-20-2007 10:51 AM

Got my puppy. Gonna watch it again then lock it away in a safe place, could be very valuable one day when Svens as big as Spielberg.


10-21- 03:31 AM

quote:Originally posted by Sven
Since this has become such an interesting thread, here is an idea: I will publish this discussion with all its replies in the special feature section of the L.A. TWISTER DVD.

So however you feel about pirating movies, whatever you think about L.A. TWISTER (feel free to slam it!). Write it here and it will be on the DVD.

Great, play to my vanity!! Even if I hate the movie I'm going to buy it now

I can understand why Hollywood feel threatened by piracy to a certain extent, but I don't sympathise with them. While I appreciate that they lose a considerable amount to street traders every year the fact is they continue to increase (they're not declining or even holding steady) profits yet the quality of movies diminishes. 2004 in particular has surely been the worst year ever for the movie industry with endless identikit action films and vacuous teen flicks filling the big screen. It's these same suited fucks that think the pop world needs another Britney-a-like or a pointless boy band with a catchy name.

Sorry Hollywood but somebody has to take a stand. I'd much rather see every cent handed over to street traders go into your pockets but none of you will be seeing any of my hard earned money until you realise that CGI does not automatically make a film good. To further compound the problem and lose whatever flicker of respect I had for movie execs, they constantly force-feed us this babble, subjecting us to a constant stream of badly written, badly acted and badly conceived shit yet steadfastly refusing to give quality movies the time of day. There's many excellent films out there that most people wont get to see simply because of the lack of vision by movie distributors. These films have critical acclaim piled upon them, they receive prestigious awards and internet communities buzz with discussions about them, but does anybody listen and give them a more general release so that the masses can enjoy the film without resorting to pirating it?.. Do they fuck!

Well, Hollywood, on behalf of this community and the movie scene as a whole I'd like to say a big "fuck you". Eventually you will listen and then movies such as this will reach the audience they deserve instead of being the subject of heated debate in internet forums and chat rooms... In the meantime, I'll continue to pay for the movies that actually deserve it, and you'll continue to whinge.

Mystic Slippers
09-30- 05:52 PM

Review: L.A. Twister (2004)

Name: L.A. Twister
Director: Sven Pape
Year: 2004
Official Site: http://www.latwistermovie.com

Those of you that frequent the forums and irc will know how much i've been crazing to see this movie. Well, finally i saw it today. And what should happen? All my dreams and hopes for this movie came true....


Let's just get the formalities out of the way first. L.A. Twister is the story of two guys, one a failing wannabe actor (Lenny), one a down and out plumber (Ethan) that's just split from his girl. When Ethan moves to Los Angeles to live with Lenny after the split, his observations of Lenny and his lifestyle finally win him round to an idea they both share that, if you can't beat the Hollywood system and make it as an actor....make a movie!

L.A. Twister documents the duo's charismatic, often funny, sometimes sad but always deeply entertaining journey in to the world of movie-making, fucking back the system, the assholes, the leechers, the fakes and finally putting their damn movie out there. While at the same time dealing with real life issues of love, life and friendship.

For a movie made with next to no money and little chance for exposure, i am so glad i got to see this (even if it was in it's WP form). What is served up is a beautifully made movie. Exquisitely shot and pieced together and topped off with a brilliant cast that all work excellently with each other, especially the buddy factor between Ethan, Jake and Mindy.

I laughed, i nearly cried, i laughed some more. This movie fills the void that modern day Hollywood (and modern filmaking in general) has left out. This movie is 100% unadulterated, no strings, no hold barred, no bullshit PURE ENTERTAINMENT. This, my friends, is what is known as a perfectly balanced, well rounded and brilliantly crafted movie.

I cannot fault it. Anywhere. At all. Whatsoever.

It will do nothing at the box office because no fucker knows about it. A crying shame really. Fuck you all though. I'll buy the DVD for myself.

This is, without a doubt, the best movie of 2004. Period.*


*until i've seen Planet Of The Pitts.
Mystic Slippers has attached this image:

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