Ty Kamerman

Hailing from the beautiful state of Iowa - that’s the corn state, not the potato state people, Ty has been on stage for much of his life. He lit up the stages of the TePaske Theater in his hometown as Father Time at age 10 and has since made acting his prime passion. So much so that he met his lovely bride Jessica, while portraying an engaged couple in “Roomies,” at the Ingersoll Dinner Theatre in Des Moines. Some of Ty’s favorite roles include: Stanley Jerome in “Brighton Beach Memoirs,” Teach in “American Buffalo,” and Duke Orsino in “Twelfth Night.” Also actively pursuing a career in Television and Film, he can be seen in several independent productions, and on episodes of “7th Heaven,” MTV’s “Scratch & Burn,” and “Body Shop” produced by Arden Entertainment. Ty is very excited about the opportunity to work on, “Cannolis and Cocoa,” and to be a part of the LA Twister campaign.